The Kazakhstan Chess Federation was established in 1992. The first head of the Federation was the poet, writer, and public figure Olzhas Suleimenov.

One of the initiators of the formation of the Chess Federation of independent Kazakhstan was Galimulla Saidenov. In 1992, he led the men's and women's national teams at the World Chess Olympiad in Manila, Philippines, the debut event for Kazakhstani players.

Over the past ten years, chess in Kazakhstan has shown dynamic development. At the World Championships for children, juniors, and youth players we have won over 100 medals.

Our women's team is one of the most promising. Zhansaya Abdumalik, Dinara Saduakasova, and Bibisara Assaubayeva are among the elite players in women's chess worldwide.

New names constantly emerge, and a whole generation of competitive players is growing. Therefore, Kazakhstan is becoming more and more noticeable on the world chess stage.

In December 2022, the Сhess World Сhampionship in rapid and blitz in Almaty ended triumphantly. Bibisara Assaubayeva brought gold in the blitz Сhampionship to Kazakhstan, while Dinara Saduakasova became the rapid vice-champion.

In April of last year, Astana hosted the match for the chess crown. The 17th world champion was determined in the capital of Kazakhstan.

From August 3 to 8, on the shores of the Caspian Sea in the city of Aktau, we held the World Schools Team Championship for the first time in the world. The participation of about 400 players from more than 50 countries. Kazakhstan was represented by 10 schools from 6 cities at the Championship.

Wishing good luck to all participants!


Freedom Holding Corp. is the general partner of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation. The company’s primary investment goal is to popularize chess in Kazakhstan and create conductive conditions for nurturing talents among the new generation of chess players.

For Timur Turlov, the founder of Freedom Holding Corp., sponsorship in the chess sport industry is not the first social project that he and his company have undertaken in the country. However, chess holds a special place in Timur's heart, which is why he has also taken on the role of heading the Federation, allowing him to be deeply involved in all its processes.

It is worth noting that chess is under the special control of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan will soon become one of the few countries where chess education will be introduced into the school program. This important step will help identify interest in the game among schoolchildren and further introduce them to the world of competitive chess and tournament achievements. Timur Turlov's perspective on chess, the Championship in Almaty, and the reasons for sponsoring the Federation are as follows:

“Playing chess is a lifetime journey. It teaches us strategy, emotion management, and the ability to plan several steps ahead. One of the Federation's key missions is to develop these qualities in our youth, recognizing that the most important investment is in people. As a father of many children myself, I understand well that it is impossible to educate the younger generation by imposing values. The only effective way is through dialogue, example, and play.

We are not only focused on popularizing chess in Kazakhstan, but also we are creating an entire system and opportunities for the development of the younger generation. The upcoming Asian Championship, which we will host in Almaty, is an indisputable investment in the future of Kazakhstan. It will foster communication between the Federation and participants from over 25 countries.

In Almaty, we will host an exciting event that will garner public attention. Participants from all over Asia will demonstrate, by example, how playing chess can take you to another country, provide opportunities to make new friends, and discover new qualities within yourself. We hope that adults in Kazakhstan will consider the positive impact of chess and make the right decision to enroll their children in chess sections, which are increasingly available in our country. Additionally, we encourage adults themselves to join and learn to play together with their children, as one can become a chess player at any age!

For our company and me personally, witnessing the positive results of our work in people's development is the best Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Supporting such a large-scale project for Freedom Holding Corp. is an opportunity to do something meaningful and realize the potential we see. It allows us to create value for many people”.

Timur Turlov

СЕО Freedom Holding Corp.


AlmatyAlmaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan. It also used to be the former capital of the country, until 1997 when the government relocated the capital to Akmola (renamed Astana in 1998, Nur-Sultan in 2019, and back to Astana in 2022).

Almaty is still the major commercial, financial, and cultural centre of Kazakhstan, as well as its most populous and most cosmopolitan city. The city is located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan near the border with Kyrgyzstan in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau at an elevation of 700–900 m (2,300–3,000 feet), where the Large and Small Almatinka rivers run into the plain.


Almaty has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. It is characterized by the influence of mountain–valley circulation. This is especially evident in the northern part of the city, located directly in the transition zone of the mountain slopes to the plains.